Food has a unique ability to unite people. With the support of the ICA foundation, and in collaboration with local ICA merchants all over Sweden, Kompis Sverige runs the project ”Matiga möten”.

”Matiga möten” (translated to Food Meetings) focuses on the role food plays in our lives: as a source of joy and new discoveries, and based on its unique ability to naturally make us humans embrace each other’s cultures.

The meetings give the participants the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences, with the act of cooking as a uniting factor. As a participant, you get to meet new people, perhaps with a completely different background and experience than your own, cook, converse and socialize in light-hearted ways. The goal is to increase the participants’ understanding of each other and sense of belonging to the local community.

The concept is based on a group of 20-25 people meeting on at least two occasions. The group consists of a mixture of new and established Swedes who all live in close proximity to each other.

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