Kompis Sverige was founded in 2013 by friends Pegah Afsharian and Natassia Fry. They had a dream of creating a more inclusive Sweden by facilitating meetings between different people in society. They wanted to create a long-term organization based on equal meetings and a mutual exchange of knowledge and experience.

Our Vision

Our vision is an inclusive society where everyone participates on equal terms and trusts each other.

At Kompis Sverige, we create meaningful meetings between new and established Swedes, thereby increasing the participants’ knowledge and understanding of each other.

The Buddy Program provides a mutual exchange that broadens perspectives, reduces language barriers and breaks down prejudice. By creating friendships on an individual level, the necessary conditions are provided for a well-functioning and multicultural society – a society where the boundaries between established and new Swedes are blurred.

Our Core Values

Our values ​​are characterized by four core values ​​or guiding principles.

These permeate the entire operation, serve as a guide for the organization’s development and work as guidelines in our daily work.


Kompis Sverige views openness as a central part of society’s development. We are driven by a curiosity and desire to listen, learn, and understand more. By being open to each other, we also create the conditions to be able to understand and include one another.


Kompis Sverige believes that reciprocity is a key in both the buddy relationships as well as in partnerships and collaborations. We view social integration as a process based on mutual exchange where both parties learn from each other.

A Solution-Based Focus

Kompis Sverige recognizes the issues that exist in society but chooses to focus on the solutions. Instead of staying in discussions about the challenges that exist, we put our energy into developing solutions that can prevent new problems. We believe in highlighting the good and positive examples.

Long Term

Kompis Sverige has a vision of an inclusive society. To achieve this, long-term solutions are required. We know that social change takes time and requires persistence. This characterizes our work with both participants and partners.

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