Digital Inclusion and The Buddy Program for Employees

Together with Capgemini, Kompis Sweden wants to contribute to reducing the digital barriers and breaking the digital exclusion among new Swedes.

People born outside of Sweden use digital services to a lesser extent than those born in Sweden. The reasons for this are often several and varied. What we can see is that language barriers and technological barriers many times can result in digital barriers.

Within the framework of the collaboration with Capgemini, we carry out a number of workshops focused on digital inclusion where we talk about digital services and digital security, among other things. In addition, Capgemini gives its employees the opportunity to be matched with a new buddy through The Buddy Program.

More information about workshops and dates for these will be announced later on.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the collaboration? Get in touch with project manager Rebecka Söderlindh Akervall:

A collaboration between Kompis Sverige and Capgemini.

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